The Rape Religion

Let me preface this video by saying that I think that rape is a terrible crime. It is a brutal, horrific crime and I believe that there should be severe penalties for committing it. And you know what, everyone else feels exactly the same way. Everyone the world over thinks that rape is a terrible crime. The only “rape cultures” that exist are certain African nations where civilization has completely broken down and drug addled child soldiers run around cutting off people’s arms with machetes. Quite frankly, in places like that, it is just as bad being a man as being a woman, because you are more likely to be killed and you might just get raped too. And feminists, being killed is worse than being raped. How do I know? Because the great majority of rape victims don’t commit suicide.

Well, I can’t entirely write off the existence of any sort of “rape culture” in first world countries, but not in the way feminists think. More on that later.

In our modern first world nations whose culture is largely run by feminists or their ideological sympathizers, rape is more than just a terrible crime, it is a crime which is elevated to a ridiculous level of importance, like some religious doctrine which cannot be examined objectively without fear of committing blasphemy. Once the sacred word of rape is invoked, no thought or discussion is allowed, no reasoning is permitted, you must react in only the ways permitted by the feminist clergy of this strange pseudo-religion.

The effects of this dogmatic view of rape are plain to see. To a feminist, and unfortunately millions who allow themselves to be influenced by them, the act of accusing a person of rape is a likewise sacred act. The crime of rape is so heinous that all due process of law must be put aside so that the accused has no chance of escaping justice. The accuser must automatically be believed without waiting to collect evidence or weigh the facts. You see, the idea that any rape accusation could be false is blasphemy in this religion.
In our modern day witch trials, the only person who would defend an accused witch must be a witch as well – you see this reasoning whenever a feminist throws around accusations of “rape supporter” when somebody wants to follow due process of law instead of summarily convicting the accused with no trial.

Another major dogma of this rape religion is the belief that no action on the part of a female rape victim ever leads to a rape, increases the chances of her getting raped, or prevents her from getting raped. Even acknowledging the fact that a woman could do anything to increase or decrease her chances of getting raped is blasphemy, it is “blaming the victim.”

This is strange, because we don’t seem to take that attitude with any other crime. When someone leaves their car unlocked and something gets stolen from it, we have no problem admitting that it was unwise to leave the doors unlocked, but at the same time nobody thinks that leaving your doors unlocked makes you deserving of theft or that the thief isn’t still a thief. We would tell anybody, male or female, to be careful going out at night in a bad neighborhood – yet this isn’t considered to be victim blaming of people who get mugged. Likewise, it is no crime to say that mountain climbers might be more likely to fall to their death. It certainly doesn’t imply that we think that mountain climbers deserve to die. So why the big exception with rape?

It certainly seems like common sense that women’s behavior can put themselves in greater risk of getting raped. I mean, going to parties with guys that they don’t know, getting drunk, being flirtatious, or maybe creating the appearance that they might have sex when they don’t intend to. I don’t know how much, if at all, any of these behaviors influence a woman’s chances of being raped. I will likely never learn about what behaviors put someone at an increased risk, because any sort of real study to get information like this would be villanized as “blaming the victim” even though such information may actually prevent rapes.

Also, regarding the idea of “blaming the victim” or “asking for it” – I have never heard any first world person say that a woman deserved to be raped because she was promiscuous. I have never heard any first world person say that a rapist was any less culpable because the victim was scantily clad. Sure, some people might say that a woman foolishly put herself in danger of being raped, but that is a far cry from saying that she deserved it or that the perpetrator shouldn’t be punished. The “victim blaming” accusation is just a strawman to demonize anybody who seems to have wavering faith in the rape cult that feminists push on our society.

Several years ago, when I was just getting interested in issues relating to feminism and learning about all bad feminism was, I got into a debate online with a number of feminists. There was a discussion of rape epidemics in certain parts of the world and I advocated women carrying concealed handguns for self defense. I was viciously attacked by the feminists. They said that I was blaming the victim. They said that to suggest that women take some action to make themselves safer is to suggest that it is a woman’s responsibility to prevent rape and would be therefore blaming unarmed rape victims. Really? Would I also be blaming male victims of crime for suggesting men use guns for self defense as well? How can anyone argue with such insanity?

Now, I can’t say that no one raised in a first world nation in the modern era has ever said that a rape victim deserved it or that there should be no punishment for raping a promiscuous woman. If there is any ludicrous or offensive idea possible, there is probably at least one person on earth who has advocated it. But if you have evidence for any notable public figure, law enforcement agent, judge, or other noteworthy person expressing such a sentiment, you can provide me with evidence if you wish – please no anecdotal accounts.

Our high priestesses of this religion are the feminists who use their influence to push this religion of theirs into law, entertainment, education, and into the daily lives of everyone.
And like some fundamentalist televangelists who use their religion to get wealthy while having gay lovers on the side, these feminists are total hypocrites, using rape as a tool to further their true agenda – misandry. You see, if the feminists truly saw rape as a terrible crime and cared for the victims, they would be the ones to most strongly oppose false accusations of rape. They would also fervently oppose any frivolous use of the word “rape” to describe other sorts of acts. We see that in reality, feminists are the ones who are pushing to expand the definition of rape to include all sorts of acts, most of which would never be considered rape by any reasonable person.

This is a bait and switch of sorts. We have a society where rape is obsessed over as the worst imaginable crime, where we have this image in our minds of what a rape is, where a victim is brutally traumatized. Yet feminists want to extend this same reaction to virtually all of male sexuality. Feminists say that if a woman consents while intoxicated, that it is rape, even if the man if intoxicated as well. Feminists say that if a woman regrets having sex with a man, that it is rape. Feminists say that a woman who is nagged into sex is raped. Feminists want almost everything to be considered rape and a few feminists will be honest enough to just openly say that they consider all men to be rapists and all heterosexual sex to be rape. What about gay male sex? Well, as I mentioned in my video about objectification, feminists don’t like to think to much about gay men.

This reveals the true motivation for the rape obsession: the hatred of men. Rape is perceived as a crime where woman are exclusively the victims and men are exclusively the perpetrators. Just like in ancient Rome where any action of a slave against a master was a terrible crime, worthy of a painful death, in first world nations we also react with greater hostility when a man victimizes a woman. Second class citizens aren’t supposed to commit crimes against first class citizens. Feminists eventually realized that their demonization of rape was so successful that they could associate the act of rape with not only rapists, but with all men, thus striking out at the object of their hatred.

Now, the topic of all rapists being men and all victims being women leads me back to something I mentioned at the beginning of the video. There is one sort of “rape culture” that does exist in first world nations and is condoned or even applauded. That is the huge numbers of rape that occur within prisons where the victims are male. Often these victims of rape did nothing more than use drugs, a victimless crime, and their punishment is to be placed into a system with hardened criminals to be assaulted or raped while the authorities look the other way and society laughs at their misfortune. You see, when men get raped, it isn’t an unholy act of villainy, no its funny, its a barrel of laughs. Ha ha HA.

Well, enough about this topic for now.

Once again, I would like to thank the generous people who helped to support my channel: Jared, Soul Books, and William. Thank you so much for your support!


4 thoughts on “The Rape Religion

  1. I always enjoy your posts. As I have said before, I think you go a bit too far with demonizing feminists. After all, I disagree with the idea that there was a conspiracy of men who ruled the world, and tried to deliberately oppress women, so it only seems reasonable for me to also disagree that there is a conspiracy of women who rule to world to deliberately oppress men. I don’t want the men’s movement to make the same mistakes the women’s movement made. So I feel obligate to object that you are being unfair to feminists.

    Still, I think at least some feminists probably do feel the way you described, although not all.

    What I think is brilliant about your video is the way you described our society. That was spot on. There are so many sections I would like to quote and share, I can barely pick one. “Once the sacred word of rape is invoked, no thought or discussion is allowed, no reasoning is permitted, you must react in only the ways permitted by the feminist clergy of this strange pseudo-religion.” -that is very well put, and totally accurate. I know exactly what you are talking about. Society is warped in that respect, and it needs to be corrected, we need to talk about this more, so I am glad you did so in your video.

    I also liked “This is strange, because we don’t seem to take that attitude with any other crime. When someone leaves their car unlocked and something gets stolen from it, we have no problem admitting that it was unwise to leave the doors unlocked, but at the same time nobody thinks that leaving your doors unlocked makes you deserving of theft or that the thief isn’t still a thief. “- Also a very good point!

    I’m glad your voice is out there. Your criticisms of our society are spot on, I just disagree with the way you blame feminists collectively, as if they had a conspiracy to deliberately create these effects. Some feminists probably did, but I think a lot of our modern world is an accident that no one planned.

  2. Hello,
    Please, please don’t get me wrong I mean this in the most positive way possible but it’s such a relief to finally meet a woman who is willing to see the logic and the truth. I’m sorry I can’t see your videos, but you’re texts are filled with truth, I stumbled across this blog purely by accident as a friend of mine posted it on fb. You did not want to read the reactions, they would have torn you to shreds and burned what was left of you on the stake. None of them actually read what you had to say, they just felt victimised and went into full attack as I am unfortunately used to from every woman and girl I have ever tried to come close to having a decent conversation on this topic. I would never call myself a feminist, I don’t even think the whole thing is worth the trouble it causes, but I’m not a monster who thinks women are just property of a man. But every time I even remotely hint at this I get lunged at and clawed apart as if I were a demon. And the most tiring part of it all is that they won’t even listen to a word you have to say, their ideas and views are gospel and you heinous monster are wrong and need to change everything you stand for to fit in their mould. You can’t believe how happy I am to read these words and know that not all woman are frankly a lost cause and some still have some common sense in them and the willingness to listen to reason. The thing that stings me most about it all is indeed the hypocrisy, the fact that if you point out that they are wrong or that men undergo certain things to that you’re lying and attacking them. Or that they’re making a problem where there is none and when you tell them they completely ignore your evidence simply because you’re a guy and all guys are evil. So again I thank you for restoring some faith for me that there are women out there that aren’t crazed misandrist suffragettes. If you don’t agree with me on any point please tell me so I might elaborate on it, you surely sound like a woman with whom one can actually talk.

  3. No comments? Expected. I laud you for being true to yourself and not being a puppet or a sheep. or a puppet that looks like a sheep.

  4. While I’m not representative of the prison system as a whole I do work for a state prison as a corrections officer.

    With that being said the state takes prison tape very seriously and not only had numerous measures to reduce rape but to report it as well.

    I just felt the need for a bit of an addendum to your comment on the issue.

    Granted you probably meant more towards the general public consensus.

    Anyway thanks for the transcripts of your videos. While you’re enjoyable to listen to I still feel a need to read my information now and again.

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