Men, are you losers?

Men, if you don’t please me, you’re a pathetic loser.
If you’re unattractive to me, then you’re a loser.
If you aren’t charismatic enough to entertain me, then you’re a loser.
If you can’t buy me the latest high tech gadget or the latest fashion, then you’re a loser.
If you have some hobby that doesn’t appeal to my need for popularity, then you’re a loser.
If you’re too short, too fat, too thin, or have some physical characteristic women find unappealing, then you’re a loser.
If you wear the wrong kind of clothes or wear your hair the wrong way, then you’re a loser.
If I find your sexual prowess lacking or if you can’t read my mind and please me in the way I’m entitled to, then you’re a loser.
If you can’t jump through the right hoops for me, like putting the toilet seat down or failing to give proper respect to my complaint de jure, then you’re a loser.
If you don’t put the interests of women above the interests of men, then you’re a loser.
If you don’t bend over backwards to cater to my emotional needs, then you’re a loser.
If I think that you’re too close to your parents or not enough of a bad boy to excite me, then you’re a loser.
If my friends think that you’re a loser, you probably are one.
If you’re quiet and shy, you’re a loser.
If I think that you’re too brainy for me, too interested in history, politics, science, or some subject I find boring, it doesn’t mean that I’m dumb, it means you’re a loser.
If your politics diverge too far from those that are deemed acceptable by my authority figures, then you’re a loser.
You see men, your worth is entirely determined by how able you are to please women like me. If you can’t attract me, if you can’t charm me, if you can’t support me, if you won’t place my needs above your own, if I find you wanting … then you’re a pathetic loser, you aren’t good for anything and you don’t deserve any respect from anyone. If you’re a loser who doesn’t attract me and you dare to express attraction towards me, you’re not just a loser but a creep and probably a rapist.
Why is it that so many people in our society, both men and women, judge men based on their ability to please? I can’t count how many times I have seen good men be the target of contempt or ridicule because women have found him wanting for some shallow superficial reason. I’ve been a geeky girl for a long time and I’ve seen so many men – GOOD men who were intelligent, kind, moral, wise, strong, and hard working – dismissed as being worthless and pathetic because they couldn’t jump through the right hoops to gain women’s attention.
And usually gaining the attention of women means appealing to them on the most base and shallow level. Men are often called losers for not being handsome or rich enough, but sometimes women judge them on far more shallow grounds than that. Some women get turned off because a man plays Dungeons and Dragons or reads science fiction instead of rooting for the local sports team. Sometimes a man will value the opinions of his parents and have a close relationship with them and be called a mama’s boy. Some guys might have an unusual sexual interest that a woman doesn’t share and she will call him a creep. There are humble men who refuse to brag who get overlooked for assholes who have that cocky demeanor that so many women fall for.
So the kinds of traits that women look for in men are usually shallow in the best of cases, and frequently irrational or immoral. Why is the judgement of women held up as some sort of absolute judgement of a man’s worth? Why should a man of great character or intellect be ridiculed because he doesn’t meet some childish standard that women have decided men should live up to? It is as though we judge a man’s worth based on how good they were at entertaining spoiled toddlers rather than how much they truly contribute to society. It’s not just ridiculous, it’s WRONG.
It would be great if women judged men based on qualities that truly matter, qualities that would make him a good husband or a valuable member of society. Until that time, if it ever comes, please don’t judge men by whether or not they can gain the attention of women. This goes for both men and women.
And you men who have gotten a raw deal, who are kind and good and smart and have been the the object of contempt from women. Please take heart in the fact that there are a few women out there who can rise above their base instincts and really appreciate you. The women who think that they’re too good for you probably don’t deserve you.
Oh, and sorry for the long hiatus from making videos. I’ve had a lot going on in my life and have been distracted. I’m going to start doing videos again, maybe on a wider range of topics. I’d also like to thank everyone who watches, subscribes to, and supports my channel.
Until next time, this is Shieldwife, thanks for watching.


3 thoughts on “Men, are you losers?

  1. I have a question about this one? You make a valid point about how women perceive men to be loser. However, just to be devils advocate (I am male and not a feminist, trust me most of them are pussies), can you understand when a woman calls a man a loser, why this happens?

    If a man is average, with an average job, average looks, doesn’t workout, average money, does not make an effort to move out of the house, and he did not pursue higher education (has an associiates at best). If a guy like this is trying to obtain the love of a woman that looks like a model, then isn’t he rejecting the women that are accessible to him. Doen’t the higher status woman who get approach by so many men a day and just get worn down from a pletora of advances from men she does not want atterntion from kind of right to consider him a loser? Why becasue he ishould be try for love within his means not trying to get something he does not have the tools to obtain. For every one of those high quality (just a term not to the take literally) that calls him a loser, how many women does he overlook? I would think in this case the woman is justified and thinking he is a loser becasue she is accostomed to high status beter looking men. Maybe if he went for the average women, they might not consider him a loser and gladly go out with him.

    Are there cases where the man is rejecting his own status of women trying for the higher quality ones. In this case isn’t he acting like a loser?

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