Egalitarianism vs. Traditionalism


Some of my supporters might find this video controversial, but during my hiatus, I’ve given some thought to the issues surrounding Mens Rights Activism and decided to bring up issues that some of my MRA allies might disagree with, rather than just tiptoe around them.

I have been asked if I support men’s rights as more of a traditionalist or an egalitarian. I feel a bit reluctant to answer because I don’t like those sorts of labels, not in politics and now that I am becoming active as an MRA, not here either. I don’t think that it’s my place to tell other people how they should live or what they should value, even if I prefer a certain path for myself and believe it might be beneficial to others. If I had to choose from either label, I would be more comfortable calling myself a traditionalist, because even though I have some major problems with traditional gender relations, my problems with egalitarianism are profound.

I believe that egalitarianism has a tendency to become too extreme, as its goals are unrealistic and advocates uncompromising. Ultimately, I don’t believe real equality exists outside of mathematics. E=mc squared, and the square of the hypotenuse of a right triangle equals the sum of the squares of the two other sides, but I am not equal to you.

I am not equal to you, or any other person. That doesn’t mean that I am better or worse. It means that every human is different from every other human in complex ways. Things as different from each other as people can’t be called equal, so it is far more accurate to say that humans are often incommensurable. Everybody is better at doing something than somebody else. How can you compare one person’s strength to another person’s swiftness, or one person’s intellect to another person’s work ethic? Of course, society would be better off with more law abiding citizens and less murderers, so sometimes we can say that one person is inherently better than another. Judging people against each other can become an entirely subjective endeavor or a completely objective one. There is no meaningful definition of equality that can apply to all of humanity. This isn’t to say that all people don’t have fundamental rights, such as freedom of speech or the right to a fair trial, but having those fundamental rights doesn’t make people equal and it certainly doesn’t make them the same.

The desire for equality drives us towards the desire for sameness, something antithetical to human nature. We can see the horrors caused by radical egalitarians in nations where Marxism has been tried and has failed spectacularly. I think the ideology of egalitarianism has led many well meaning people into supporting policies that ultimately create hatred and suffering. Many feminists fall into this category. They imagine a world where men and women are exactly equal, where they are equally represented in the same professions, that neither have power or advantages over the other – Essentially – to be the same.

But men and women aren’t the same and treating them as though they doesn’t make them the same, much to the chagrin of gender constructionists. When men and women have equal o to enter a certain career, they seldom appear in equal numbers, as men and women have different skills and proclivities. When men are stripped of all of their traditional advantages over women, women gain a clear upper hand as their less obvious traditional advantages remain firmly in place.

Most of these traditional advantages and disadvantages are not mere social constructs, but are fundamental to our biology. Women bear children, and for our culture and civilization to survive, women must continue to bear children. This will always put them at a disadvantage compared to men when it comes to careers. Men are always going to be less picky than women when it comes to sex and romance, giving women a huge social advantage over men. Neither of those facts are going to go away if businesses are forced to hire equal numbers of men and women and pay every employee the same.

Egalitarianism is a lie promulgated by Cultural Marxists, largely with the intent of causing hatred and division within society. As people look around and see that some people have advantages that they don’t, they are too wrapped up in the fantasy of equality to realize that they are not equal to those other people and that they should have no expectation of having the same sort of life. That causes anger and resentment, feelings which many on the far left exploit to gain power, including but not limited to feminists, race baiters, and other “social justice” crusaders. They exploit this by promising equality where none can exist, by promising to right wrongs where none have been committed.

As attempts to achieve the egalitarian goal continually fail, that failure will continue to justify the hatred of misandrist feminists and other social justice warriors who will blame those failures not on human nature or differences, but on white male oppression, even if it is the males who suffer most.

Now, I don’t completely embrace traditional values either. There have been many improvements for both sexes that I would like to keep. Most of which aren’t a result of feminism or the attempt to gain equality, but because of progress in technology, knowledge, and greater wealth. Men no longer have to work themselves to death in mines and women no longer need to put themselves at great risk when they have children. These luxuries aren’t a result of feminism, but because people – overwhelmingly men – worked hard, used their minds, and built a safer and more prosperous civilization.

My ideal society would be one in which people are free to choose lifestyles that best fit them, without pressure to ignore or fight against our innate differences. This would entail more women making motherhood their primary responsibility ahead of a career, which I will talk about more in a future video.

That’s all for now. Once again, I want to thank everyone who watches, subscribes to, shares, and supports my channel.


One thought on “Egalitarianism vs. Traditionalism

  1. After I’d watched “Women are Spoiled Brats”, YouTube suggested this video. I didn’t bother watching all of it, since it’s daft, and just shows the host to be as stupid as the women he’s lampooning, but it does highlight where the drive to egalitarianism leads. As you say, men and women are not the same. It seems so obvious, but in our ideologically addled age, it needs saying. Often.

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