Political Correctness is Just Common Decency?

As more and more people are coming to see how dangerous and insidious political correctness truly is, the social justice warriors have started to utilize an old tactic of theirs to defend political correctness and the terrorist-like methods they use to enforce it. What is this tactic? The old bait and switch.

“POLITICAL CORRECTNESS IS JUST COMMON DECENCY” they say. It’s just being polite, it’s just being sensitive and tolerant of other people. If you pay any attention at all to the far left, you’ll know that this is a complete lie. Political correctness has nothing to do with being nice, it has nothing to do with tolerance, it has nothing to do with decency. In reality, it is the antithesis of all of these things. If political correctness was about being nice and polite, then why is it that so many of the Cultural Marxists will openly malign and express hatred for certain groups – such as men, whites, or Christians? These social justice warriors sometimes even call for the objects of their hatred, the people deemed “privileged” in the Cultural Marxist demographic hierarchy, to be persecuted or killed. We have the feminists who call all men rapists, we have the black studies professors who say that the white race needs to be exterminated, we have the communists who want to kill rich people and take their stuff. None of those things seem very nice to me, but they are all part and parcel of political correctness and are either ignored or supported by those leftists who claim to support being nice.

Is political correctness truly tolerant? Certainly not. Take a look at any college campus where political correctness reigns supreme. Look at the speech codes at these places, look at what they do to people they disagree with. The social justice warriors will try to get people expelled, fired, or even imprisoned for disagreeing. In nations outside America where they have no First Amendment rights, they often succeed in having dissenters arrested for expressing ideas that run counter to their politically correct dogma.

Political correctness, more appropriately called Cultural Marxism, is really about hatred and divisiveness. It is about generating hatred for certain groups so as to divide, and ultimately to conquer, western society. It is about intimidating and terrorizing people who disagree, about creating a climate of fear where people will not feel safe to dissent. It is about creating not only a victim mentality, but a lynch mob mentality where hatred for the wrong sort of people justifies any act – including lies, oppression, and violence.

This bait and switch tactic has been used extensively by the left for decades. They’ll say “OH, I’M A MODERATE, BUT I JUST FEEL THAT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY HAS BECOME TOO EXTREME.” Which is a laughable, because the Republicans are about as liberal as they can get away with without generating a massive revolt by their base. The feminists will say “FEMINISM IS JUST THE RADICAL BELIEF THAT WOMEN ARE PEOPLE” and then in the next breath, they say that all heterosexual sex is rape or that there is a war on women if society doesn’t pay for their birth control. This political correctness line about just being nice is the same thing, a lie told to try to make themselves seem moderate when THEY are the real extremists, to make themselves seem nice when THEY are the true haters.

Don’t fall for this and don’t let them get away with it. Call them on their lies, don’t let them define the conversation.

This has been Shieldwife, thanks for watching.