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  1. You are very beautiful. Not just physically but your mind and your words as well. If it not an accurate assumption that your username is a reflection of your relationship status (or even if it is!), please e-mail me if you’d like to get to know one another!

    • Aw, thanks! I am married, actually. But I really appreciate your encouragement. I have the flu right now, so I’m trying to just get some rest and resist the urge to be on the computer too much. 🙂

    • I don’t know if I believe I’m in the same league as her (she makes it look so easy) but that is a huge compliment. Thank you!

  2. Your thoughts are an interesting perspective. I’m curious about the analysis of certain words, not only relating to human sexuality or gender but about things in general (fan of psychology right here).

    But if I may be frank (delete this if you don’t want it), your cleavage was distracting. There’s an easy solution to it though, I clicked the video away and just listened to you, instead of watching you.

    Interesting thing about that topic, I notice that everyone is distracting in some sort of way with their presence when they’re talking. For example a professor that I know had awesome/likeable non-verbals and facial expressions but they actually got in the way of his technical explanation. He also screencasted his lectures and they were a lot more clear.

    If you want to see another guy who presented it this way (pure slides or images not relating to his physical appearance), then check out Evid3nc3 on youtube.

    He talks about his conversion from christianity to atheism, he has a similar reasoning style and similar way of using his voice. So you could look to see if his way of presenting may be helpful for you to use yourself in some cases 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing your feedback! I’ll have to check that guy out. I’m sorry you were distracted. It’s difficult because I can wear the same kind of shirt that Girl Writes What wears, but it will look much more revealing on me than on her. So unless I purposefully wear high-collared shirts, it’s going to be an issue. So there’s that aspect, and then there’s also the point that I do not believe in the feminist rhetoric that posits men turn into dumb animals anytime they look at a woman’s chest. It goes hand-in-hand with the objectification myth. I don’t think I have to pull back my hair, wear a turtleneck or hide my face in order to be taken seriously by men (I know you didn’t say that, but others have implied it). Ironically, feminists have pushed the belief that being feminine is somehow wrong–it’s a sign you aren’t intelligent or that men won’t respect you. I think it’s important for the MRM to have women speak up for men’s rights who also embrace their femininity, because it shows that the MRM is not anti-woman like some people claim. Sorry for the rant. 🙂

      • Rants can be cool (sometimes when it’s all still understandable 😛 ). And yea I noticed that you actually were normal clothes.

        I agree, I just gave it as a perspective. But maybe this might nuance your opinion though type on google beautiful woman cortisol, and you’ll see some experiments where in certain conditions guys are affected by having higher cortisol levels. We won’t turn into dumb animals though, would be cool to have werewolf like features though but alas 😛

        I gotta note though: social psychological experiments aren’t the strongest form of scientific evidence (this research community shows signs of corruption and neuroscience is a lot more precise for example). But I do find it a worthwhile perspective to consider.

        Or there is this other experiment that guys only think of short-term things when they see an attractive woman. I noticed that this does have an effect on me (as does the halo effect, which includes guys).

        I think that some of the effects go away if people boost their self-confidence via exercising and healthy living in general. But some things are more like optical illusions (halo effect), even if you know it, it still has an effect on you.

        This also goes for the color red (both genders).

        Don’t know what the abbreviation MRM is.

    • Cleavage is just what she was born with (and she’s beautiful). “Distracting” I mean what do you want her to do with it? This is a beautiful, real woman – she should be able to present herself however she wants. Maybe my package is really big and “distracting”, would you criticize me in kind on some blog? “Distracting” says way more about the accuser than the accused.

  3. Dear Shieldwife,

    How and why does a women come to realize the gross injustice of society towards men. Why are you able to so plainly see what is otherwise invisible to most women?

    What are the preconditions or the groundwork that allow women to recognize men as a human being? I wonder if I can ask you to speculate and write on this point.

    May I also ask what the significance of your name is? “Shield wife” invokes such a wonderful and powerfully warm image in my mind; I must inquire as to the significance of those words to you.

    Thanks for your time,


  4. I think it’s a common reaction for guys who’ve been screwed over by society- especially by females- with respect to their experiences at the hands of violent or abusive women to start feeling defensive towards all (or almost all) women. It’s a sense of “well, I know you don’t have my back, so I absolutely refuse to make myself vulnerable to you in any way”. It’s a really shitty feeling. Having enjoyed the company of females all their lives, women are now viewed as a threat. It feels like a profound loss.

    It’s an overreaction, absolutely, but I think it’s an understandable one.

    The reason I’m writing to you is that it’s through hearing voices such as yours that this overreaction can be reevaluated. So thank you for doing what you do. I’m most grateful for your perspective.

  5. ShieldWife – thank you for all of your videos – you present a set of very rational and balanced views, which (so far) I personally agree with.
    Over here in the UK, unlike misogyny, misandry appears to be a phenomenon that is generally accepted to be benign and therefore of no importance to anyone. Where misogynistic gibes are forced out to reside only in the dubious back streets of the web (ie blog posts by drunken teenagers, louts on the street), offensive remarks about men seem to be accepted in the main stream media (with no-one batting an eyelid). For example, yesterday’s Daily Telegraph contained an article from a female journalist with the headline ‘If men weren’t so lazy we wouldn’t need to nag them so much’, the text then went on to explain why modern men are so lazy. I see this as an irritation, as I remember the primary male role model in my life (my father) working himself into a nervous breakdown. Public information campaigns seem to target men, when it is really not necessary in certain cases. For example, I recall a previous anti-child abuse campaign by the NSPCC ‘All I want for Christmas is for Daddy to stop hitting me’. Happily, men’s rights campaigners later applied pressure and the advert was dropped. However, the NSPCC goes on to target adverts at teenage boys telling them to stop abusing their girlfriends (with no reciprocal adverts), despite the research indicating that teenage boys can be abused too (sometime by girls). This just spreads the false image that men are to be mistrusted and despised and probably results in a low self-esteem in boys. Perhaps, it also results in the suicide rate being three times as high in males (under 39) than females.
    We see many adverts targeting men to attempt to abate rape (which is something I think that we should all work to reduce, if not eliminate). However, we never see adverts targeting women to reduce child abuse (women are the largest group of offenders in this area). Indeed, in the UK, if a woman kills her child (before it’s first year), she knows that she will not run the risk of being sentenced to murder. We have a specific act that targets women only of infanticide that has a maximum sentence of 5 years. If her husband were to do the same then he would undoubtedly be imprisoned for life on a murder charge. I have heard that the act is justified on the basis of the effects of hormones on the mother over that period. In that case, could be use the effects of testosterone to explain rape? I certainly would not advocate this.
    I have to say, misandry is common in the UK, and I am concerned about the sort of environment that my son will be growing up in. Thanks for your help with all of this, and best of luck for the future.

  6. Wow, I watched some of your videos. I love women on a very deep fundamental level. But, you made me love women even more. So much amazing power. So cool. Yes, you are beautiful physically but WOW you are beautiful intellectually. You are a prime affirmation that women can be either or both AND much more! Like a refreshing summer rain, the meaning(s) of your words are unexplainable. Thank you.

  7. I think your videos are great and more women need to be talking about this stuff. However, you definitely need to show your sources for some of this information. If a lot of it is personal – give some examples without names or something.

  8. Dear Shield Wife,

    Its so heartening to know that there are some women who care about us men. Especially for someone from India like me where misandry is rampant. Would like to know your real name.

    You sound intelligent and your talk is very rational. Also you are very beautiful and sweet. For other people your feminine beauty may have been a distraction as it sounds from their comments. But certainly not for me.

    All the Best and Take Care

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